A Commercial HVAC Air Rotation System for Warehouse and Distribution Center Facilities


  • Manages Air Temperature Stratification
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution Facilities Achieve +/- Temperature Monitored Variances In Accordance With FDA Requirements
  • Reduces Capital and Operating Cost
  • Improves Employee Comfort and Productivity
  • Positively Impacts Corporate Sustainability Goals



The AirBoss team can provide a no cost, no obligation AirBoss system budget cost analysis for your project, including: the HVAC equipment and down-stream system operating expenses which include: future utility (electricity and gas) and maintenance.  The team can also provide a side by side analysis for a conventional system.

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 AirBoss heat and air conditioning systems enjoy a 20 to 40% lower day one cost.  AirBoss heat with summer ventilation systems are competitively priced when compared to the cheapest heat only conventional systems, which are 80/20 direct fired recirculation systems.  80/20 systems do not have an effective or efficient warm weather ventilation design. There is a downside to 80/20.

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The AirBoss team can provide a no cost, no obligation AirBoss system operating cost analysis for (1) heat, continuous circulation and ventilation systems and (2) heat, air conditioning and continuous circulation. 



The AirBoss team can provide a no cost, no obligation AirBoss cost of maintenance compared to conventional systems. The many elements of maintenance will be detailed.



Redundancy is extremely important in the design of facilities that are for critical inventory products, such as: pharmaceuticals, food or electronic components.  AirBoss air handling systems are inherently redundant due to the design flow of air and dual fan system. Each AirBoss unit works in unison with other AirBoss units to provide continuous, floor to ceiling, circulation.  



For Developers: Installing the lowest cost heat only is not generally the lowest cost when operating cost and tenant improvements are brought into the equation.  Equally, when you don’t know how your property is going to be subdivided, flexibility is important.

For Facility Owners: If you think that you might want to upgrade a heat only system to heat and air conditioning, you need system flexibility.

The AirBoss team can prepare a no cost, no obligation analysis that will give you the complete picture.



Environmental impact is substantial when your system consumes 20% plus LOWER and, in most applications, much lower electrical and gas utility than you would experience with conventional systems.  This, along with lower operating cost and greater employee comfort.


Employee Comfort?

AirBoss “SmartAir” heating and cooling are proven solutions for employee comfort and critical inventory concerns. Introducing the AirBoss “SmartAir” Ventilation Solution for heat only installations so that employee comfort can be maintained during warm and hot weather conditions.

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Competitive Advantage?

For Developers: Does your HVAC system help you win the business – give you a competitive advantage?  Does your system design give you a competitive advantage with your potential tenants or future owners?


For Operators: Interior comfort has become critical when it comes to hiring the best employees in order to maintain a high level of productivity.  The AirBoss team will be able to outline how an AirBoss “SmartAir” design will do exactly that. 

How about the most effective summer ventilation design available?

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